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Borg Beck BBS6213 Shoes Brake Sales results No. Washington Mall 1

Borg Beck BBS6213 Brake Shoes


Borg Beck BBS6213 Brake Shoes


Product description

Product Description

This part fits the following models:

  • VW Polo Hatchback 1.2 12V (2001 - 2012) 47kW
  • VW Polo Hatchback 1.2 (2009 - ) 44kW
  • VW Polo Hatchback 1.2 (2001 - 2012) 40kW
  • VW Polo Hatchback 1.4 16V (2001 - 2012) 55kW
  • VW Up Hatchback 1 (2011 - ) 44kW
  • VW Polo Hatchback 1.4 16V (2001 - 2012) 59kW
  • VW Fox Hatchback 1.2 (2003 - ) 40kW
  • VW Polo Hatchback 1.2 (2009 - ) 51kW
  • Seat Arosa Hatchback 1.0 (1997 - 2004) 37kW
  • Skoda Citigo Hatchback 1.0 (2011 - ) 44kW
The list is only a sample of all the compatible cars for this part.
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Equivalent Part Numbers:

VAG 1H0 698 525 X; GEELY 3502145106; AUDI 1HO698525X; AUDI 1H0698520X; AUDI 811698073; AUDI 1H0609527B; AUDI 431698071E; AUDI 431698073E; AUDI 431698073C; AUDI 1H0698071; AUDI 431698071C; AUDI 1H0698525X; AUDI 811609525A; AUDI 1H0698520; AUDI 6Q0698525B; AUDI 6Q0609528A; AUDI 811609526A; AUDI 6Q0609527A; AUDI 1H0609527; AUDI 1H0609528B; AUDI 6Q0 698 525B; AUDI 1H0609525; AUDI 1H0609526; AUDI 6Q0609525A; AUDI 1H0609528; AUDI 1H0609525B; AUDI 811698071; AUDI 6Q0609526A; CHERY A113502170; CHERY A113AH3502170; VW (SVW) 330609525A; SKODA 1H0609525B; SKODA 811609526A; SKODA 1H0 698 520X; SKODA 115331144; SKODA 6Q0698525; SKODA 357 609 528; SKODA 6Q0698525B; SKODA 6Q0 698 525B; SKODA 007 440 071B; SKODA 007440077A; SKODA 1H0 698 525X; SKODA 431698073C; SKODA 6Q0698525A; SKODA 431698071E; SKODA 007 440 077A; SKODA 6Y0609525A; SKODA 007 440 077B; SKODA 115331142; SKODA 6R0698525A; SKODA 811609525A; SKODA 811698073; SKODA 811698071; SKODA 811609525E; SKODA 6Y0609527A; SKODA 811 609 525E; SKODA 007440071B; SKODA 6Y0698001; SKODA 431698071C; SKODA 1H0 609 525; SKODA 357698525X; SKODA 115331140; SKODA 6U0698525; SKODA 6U0698525A; SKODA 6Y0609528A; SKODA 6Y0609526A; SKODA 6U0698525AX; SKODA 431698073E; SKODA 6Y0698525; SKODA 1H0609527; SKODA 1H0609525; SKODA 6U0698525AV; SKODA 1H0609528B; SKODA 1H0609527B; SKODA 1H0698520X; SKODA 115331141; SKODA 1H0698525X; SKODA 007440071A; SKODA 357 609 527; SKODA 1H0 609 527; SKODA 357 698 525X; SKODA 357609527; SKODA 115331143; SKODA 007 440 071A; SKODA 007440077B; SKODA 357609528; VW 1H0609527D; VW 115 331 144; VW 115331141; VW 357689528; VW 6R0698525A; VW 1H0698520X; VW 007440077A; VW 811698073; VW 115331143; VW 811609526A; VW 115331144; VW 6Y0698525; VW 357689527; VW 6Q0698525; VW 115 331 143; VW 115 331 142; VW 6U0698525AV; VW 1H0698071; VW 1H0609527B; VW 1H0698525; VW 1H0609526; VW 115331142; VW 701 609 5327; VW 6RU698525A; VW 1H0609525; VW 357698525X; VW 431698071C; VW 811698071; VW 007 440 071A; VW 6U0698525; VW 6U0698525A; VW 1H0698520V; VW 1H0698520; VW 1H0609525D; VW 1H0609528; VW 1H0698525V; VW 1H0609527; VW 6Q0698525A; VW 431698071E; VW 811609525A; VW 007 440 077A; VW 007440071A; VW 1H0609528D; VW 7016095327; VW 431698073E; VW 6U0698525AX; VW 357698525V; VW 1H0698525X; VW 1H0609528B; VW 431698073C; VW 115 331 141; VW 1H0609525B; VW 1H0609526D; SEAT 1H0698525; SEAT 1H0698071; SEAT 1H0609528D; SEAT 357 609 528; SEAT 1H0609527B; SEAT 1H0698525V; SEAT 811609525A; SEAT 007440077A; SEAT 431698073C; SEAT 1H0698525X; SEAT 1H0609526D; SEAT 1H0609525D; SEAT 1H0609528; SEAT 811609526A; SEAT 431698071E; SEAT 1H0698520X; SEAT 811698073; SEAT 1H0609525B; SEAT 1H0609525X; SEAT 1H0609526; SEAT 1H0609528B; SEAT 357 609 527; SEAT 357609527; SEAT 6Y0609526B; SEAT 6Y0609525B; SEAT 431698073E; SEAT 811609526E; SEAT 1H0609527; SEAT 811698071; SEAT 6Q0698525A; SEAT 6Y0609528B; SEAT 431698071C; SEAT 007440071A; SEAT 6Y0609527B; SEAT 6Y0698525; SEAT 1H0609527D; SEAT 357609528; SEAT 6Q0698525; SEAT 1H0609525; JURATEK JBS1002; TRISCAN 8100-10520; NK 2799520; ATE 03013702682; ATE 03.0137-0268.2; ATE 650268; MINTEX MFR373; Brake ENGINEERING SH1092; TEXTAR 91044700; MEYLE 1145330003K; JURID 36 157 8J; JURID 361578J; MOTAQUIP VBS473; LPR 06830; QUINTON HAZELL BS836; TRW GS8526; DELPHI

Legal Disclaimer

We do not take any responsibility for the completeness and correctness of this information as many cars have multiple variations. Please supply your vehicle details on checkout so we can check the part is correct before dispatch. E amp; OE

Borg Beck BBS6213 Brake Shoes

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